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Date of write 2014-01-15

Size of photo is 5 x 5 cm in policy. If I have a different size of the photo, is it possible to submit?
You must submit photo that fit with policy based on India ministry of external affair. Please, click Here to check more info about photo policy. We provide photo modification service that you can bring photo that you have. (Photo service is limited to photo with clear color with high quality).


I took a photo with wearing glasses, is it against policy?
Eyes must be clearly shown and the light should not be reflected to lenses. You must avoid glasses which has thick frame or sunglasses. If your eyes are covered by such items you must take a photo again. We provide photo shoot service with KRW 7,000 that you can take it at centre.

Where should I put 2 photos?
You must put photos on top right side of the first page of the application form and under the signature area on second page.






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