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I applied for delivery service. when they deliver my passport?

Your visa will be delivered after 1 -2 days from the visa issue date. You will be given text message about the status of your visa so you will know the delivery date.


I was planning to pick up myself but I want to change to the courier service.
If you want to change to courier service after choosing for centre receipt, you must send following documents (courier fee receipt, deposit without a bank book or online banking confirmation) to get confirmation from us then you can apply for additional courier service. The subject of e-mail should be applicant’s name and submission date (Ex: subject: additional courier-Hong Gil dong (submission case 22 Feb 2013).

• Full name – Surname, first name, must be same as passport.
• Passport Number.
• receipt Number (Number that written by hand after complete the submission).
• Contact Number – ((Essential))
mobile number/ Landline number in Korea for passport delivery.                 

• Delivery Address – Town, Borough, Dong, Ho, Street address, building number etc write in Korean detail as possible.
• Special Endorsement –
Imminent departure, family receipt etc.






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