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Does Indian Visa application Cetre guarantee the date of issuing Visa?
Your visa application will be processed and decided by Embassy of India, Seoul. BLS Service Korea staff does not, play any part in or influence the outcome of your visa application. Therefore, BLS Service Korea does not guarantee the date of issuing visa in any cases.


What Type of visa should I apply for?
The visa type should be applied for the purpose of your visit. For example, Tourist Visa for tourism, Conference Visa for attending international conferences or international seminar, Business Visa for business meeting. If you enter India with visa that does not fit to your purpose, Immigration and departure of the country will be limited.


What are the documents required for applying a Visa?                                                       

Please, click and check Visa Type and Required Documents for more information.


I cannot visit the Centre. Must I visit and do the submission?
Postal submission will be possible with tourist visa that does not require an interview.
Click here to check. Delegate submission will be possible if the visa does not require an interview that visit centre with all the required documents. If any required document is missing, the submission will be limited. (Caution: It is not possible to process the submission if you send the passport from a foreign country and it will cause problems with Immigration.

Is it possible to delegate the receipt?
From the Wed, January 23rd 2013 receipt of a representative is not possible due to enhanced personal information security regulation. However, in the case of agency/travel agency, receipt of representative is allowed to person in charge whose company nameplate is registered with the government and it is also allowed to family of the applicant if following documents are satisfied. Applicant’s family can receipt it with the applicant’s ID and Resident Registration Certificate (Check detail). When you visit centre for pick up, please bring your receipt. If you do not come on schedule day storage fee will be charged


I lost my receipt, is it okay to visit without it?
If you lost your receipt you must come yourself with your ID.


Should I apply for visa few weeks before entry?
India visa submission will be available within the month of departure day. If you need to apply India visa with more than month of departure day (Ex. Enter India right after trip from another country) you must bring both airline tickets to enter another country and India


Can I apply visa with new passport?
If you have a newly issued passport for the first time you should mark as F.P on first page right top side of application and if you have a passport that received new passport within 6 months should submit old passport with the new passport.

Is it possible to extend visa in India?
Student, Employee, Business owner’s business, Research, Journalism, Dependent visa can be extended in India. It can be changed depending on local regulation.

What is the maximum stay period in India?
The maximum stay period is different for each visa type. Generally, the maximum stay period of tourist visa is 90 days,
and 180 days for business visa. It can be different with all individual that you must check endorsement on your visa.






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