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Date of write 2014-01-15

Where do I write a visa application? Is it okay to write on printed form?
Application is possible to write on a website which operated by India government.
Please, click here to write an application. Based on regulation of India government hand written application will not be accepted. Please, click here to check detailed instruction about application.


Do I need to upload a photo to complete application?
No, you do not need to up load a photo but please attach your photo on printed application.


I have completed application but I could not print it out.
Please, click here to reprint the application. Indian Mission Name
should be checked to KOREA(SOUTH)-SEOUL and you should enter a web file number which begins with KORS. If your number is not beginning with KORS or just a number, it is a temporary number. You must save the completed application to have KORS number.

The error message is keeps appearing on screen during the writing of the application.
The program of the application is created by the India government that we do not have any authority. If you see a message that “cannot find URL” please try on different computers or push F5 to refresh the page. It happens often with websites that we advise you to save the temporary number to bring back the application. If you have so much trouble with the website please capture the screen and send e-mail with detailed message at support@mea.gov.in
in English. (E-mail of representative in charge of the program engineer of India Visa Application)






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